Inland Marine Insurance

Contractor’s Equipment

  • Including cranes, street and road contractors, oil and gas contractors, equipment dealers
  • Coverages available include equipment leased/ rented from and to others, rental expense reimbursement, boom overload, waterborne equipment, employee tools
  • Replacement Cost available

Builders Risk Renovation/ Installation Floaters

  • Rehabs and renovations including building materials and supplies during the entire course of construction
  • Can provide Replacement Cost coverage on existing structure
  • Can entertain frame construction, coastal accounts, renovations of old mill buildings, renovations with structural alterations
  • Can include Soft costs and Historical Tax Credits

Motor Truck Cargo

  • We have markets for all types of commodities hauled
  • Coverage includes debris removal, earned freight charges, Pollution cleanup
  • Contingent cargo and reefer breakdown coverages are available

Auto Physical Damage

  • Truckfleets, sanitation vehicles, buses, para-transit, ambulances , airport shuttle vans.
  • Local, regional and long haul truckers accepted.
  • Coverages available include towing & storage, reporting form, trailer inter-change,

And more…

  • Misc property floaters
  • Stationary and portable medical equipment
  • Fine arts, fine art dealers and museums
  • Bailees Coverage
  • EDP Coverages
  • Green Technology including photovoltaic systems
  • Towers and antennas
  • Ocean Marine including Cargo, Docks, Wharves and Piers, Marina’s and Marine Contractors