Primary vs. Excess Flood Insurance

Industry jargon can easily leave your clients thrown off and confused. For example, when considering insurance coverage options and recommendations, your clients may be unfamiliar with terms like “primary” and “excess,” resulting in inadequate coverage in the event of a flood. When selecting policies, it’s critical to know the coverage’s benefits, limits, and requirements. Here’s a breakdown of primary and excess flood insurance coverage.

A primary flood insurance policy is the first layer of flood coverage. This is the first to respond in the event of a flood and covers the financial cost of a flood claim, up to a specific amount. However, when the limits for primary coverage are reached, then the second layer, the excess flood insurance policy, kicks in to cover additional limits, above the primary layer. This coverage is ideal for large properties, high-valued properties, and locations that are located in a high-risk flood area. Learn more about the differences between primary and excess flood insurance here

Quaker Special Risk has your clients covered in finding the best primary and excess flood insurance options to keep them protected against the unexpected. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more about their options.


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